Testimonials From Hawaii Clients

“The past few years have definitely been tough for us. But we feel like you have really taken the time to create a plan that is specific to our needs.We understand that it takes trial and error but we honestly feel like you care. Its not just about numbers. Thank you for all your effort! However this story ends we are truly grateful to have you as our doctor.“

“Thank you so much for your positivity and smiles. From day one of this journey I have felt at ease. Every single visit comes with anxiety but I always leave feeling cared for. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart.”

“Thank you very much for making our dream a reality. I was fortunate to be under your care.”

“You are so wonderful and we are so blessed to have you watch over a miracle in our lives.”

“Thank you so much for your hard work; we are forever grateful for our special baby boy. He is truly our miracle. Thank you again for making it happen for us!”

“Thank you for providing me excellent care since I’ve become your patient. I appreciate the time you take to answer my questions, return my phone calls, and help alleviate the anxiety.”

“What can we say that you haven’t heard a thousand times to thank you for our baby. We came to you as our last resort trying to believe that if it didn’t work, well at least we tried. You were careful to not give us false hope, but you always made us feel encouraged. We are grateful for that encouragement & your genuine care for us as individuals. You must also know that your entire staff & the atmosphere that everyone contributes to is also amazing. “Attitude reflects leadership” and you have created the most positive, caring, and genuinely happy team. We will be eternally grateful for what you have brought to our lives.”

“We are grateful to you for making us feel at ease & welcome in what could be a very stressful time. We also appreciate your genuine concern, interest and encouragement throughout our IVF procedures, pregnancy, birth, and still continued development of our baby. It’s still sometimes hard to believe that she’s finally here!”

“Many many thanks for helping my mommy and dady bring me to them and my big brother. We are so very grateful for you as we now have the family we’ve always dreamed of! Mommy thanks you for being so nice to her-she really enjoyed her visits with you all as you are the friendliest and nicest! You are always a part of our hearts.”

“We want to thank you and your staff for your caring support and monitoring…I was reassured by the care you and your staff provided me during a time when many things could have gone wrong. Thank you for being there. Look now! We have a very healthy, happy, sweet baby girl. We could not imagine life without her.”

“We are so happy to introduce the miracle you helped to create. We can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication in helping us to become parents. She is truly a blessing. Thank you for being so professional and for taking care of us during our IVF treatment. Thank you so much for everything!”

“Thank you for all your support and warm fuzzies. We really appreciate all you’ve done to make us feel comfortable during this entire experience, and how you patiently educated us throughout this long journey. We were so comfortable with you-there was no question we were afraid to ask. This has been a long, but successful journey filled with many ups and downs. Thank you for being there with us and helping us make our dreams come true!”

“You guys rock! Words cannot adequately express the anticipation and excitement we feel on becoming proud parents this year! Thank you for giving us the opportunity to start our family. Much mahalo and love.”

“I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you so much for showing genuine care and concern for the lives of your patients. I can definitely tell you that it makes the experiences we have to go through so much easier knowing that you and your staff are cheering us on. I appreciate all of your time and effort that you put into helping us achieve one of life’s greatest miracles.”

“We are so grateful for all you guys. You have made this a fun and enjoyable experience!”

“Thank all of you for your special care during our conception and subsequent successful pregnancy. Your gentle care and thoughtful ways made each appointment one to look forward to and even enjoyable. Thank you for making this a very special time for us.”

“Words cannot express how grateful I am to you and your staff for helping me get pregnant. What I am most grateful for is that you gave me hope when I thought I might have to give up on my dream of ever becoming pregnant.  Thank you for helping me to believe in myself once again…and for your courtesy, honesty, and care!”

“A heartfelt thank you for your continuing support and care. We’re ecstatic about the addition to our family and know it was only possible due to the positive energy that each and everyone of you radiate with.”

“Thank you for our little miracle.”

“We are overjoyed and still in shocked disbelief that we succeeded with your help. Huge Mahalos always.”

“With your help we were able to get pregnant after 8 years of trying to conceive and we gave birth to a happy, healthy baby boy! Thank you all so much for your help.”

“Thank you for taking such great care of us and for making our IVF cycle a positive experience.”

“Thank you for taking such good care of me…all of you have made me feel very comfortable and I am proud to be one of your donors.”

“Thank you so much for all your hard work and help as we start this journey. We are so blessed to be in your care!”

“Thank you all so much for helping us get pregnant! All of you were so patient, helpful, and caring that it made the intense experience very manageable. I am actually going to miss working with all of you. Thank you so much”

“Thank you for taking such good care of us and for all your support. We truly appreciate all your kind words of encouragement or just a friendly smile…”

“Thank you for all of your help and support. You are all such awesome people and we appreciate that. Thank you for everything.”

“Thank you for taking such wonderful care of us. Each of you in your own special way helped us to achieve our goal of getting pregnant. We are grateful to all of you!”

“For all that you’ve done for us, saying thank you doesn’t seem enough. Please know that we sincerely appreciate all of your kindness, and most definitely your patience. You all have been so wonderful to us! Thank you!”

“Your gentleness and kindness have not gone unnoticed! We wanted to express to you our gratitude for the way you took care of me-no question was too small or too stupid for you to respond to. Thank you so much!”

“Thank you for all your help and expertise. Because of you, we are parents to this little blessing.”

“Thank you so much for helping to make our dreams come true. You guys are awesome. And thank you for always making us feel comfortable and relaxed during such trying times.”